When you visit the Brisbane Valley Ostrich and Fish Farm you get a guided walk and talk, learning about ostriches, fish and the farm wild life. You will spend the tour with hosts – Alan & Patti Jaenke meeting some of the local farm animals getting your photo taken, feeding and catching a few of the local residents.

The Brisbane Valley Ostrich and Fish Farm is on a beautiful 100 acre property with open free range areas where the animals can grace and spend their day in a natural environment. The farm is home to many animals including, Emu’s, black swans, geese, guinea fowls, ducks and you might even see a koala.

As Patti is also a wildlife animal carer she often has many interesting native fauna under care that you may find interesting! Anything from owls, possums to kangaroo’s.

Currently at the farm Patti and Alan also care for a herd of Red Deer. You will be sure to be amazed by the leader of the pack, ‘Rebel’ and his majestic set of antlers.

wild deer

Patti also has an extravagant display of egg artistry- hand made jewellery boxes fit for the Queen! You can see blown eggs, feathers and other hand made crafts which make the perfect souvenir.

For the adventurous you may Catch, Kiss & Release fish back into the water. Brisbane Valley Ostrich and Fish Farm supply rods with barbless hooks (as this doesn’t harm the fish), or you may want to try your own fishing gear, or just sit back and watch the fun & wildlife.

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